A Guide to God's Plan of Salvation

Think Celestial

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration with the North America Central Area to present five unique locations for YSA Conferences this summer. These conferences will be hosted by the North America Central Area (NAC) and supported by EFYSA. This year's theme is "Think Celestial: A Guide to God's Plan of Salvation."



Base price for all sessions: $400

Thanks to the North America Central Area Presidency, you only have to pay $50.

What's included?
  • All events
    (classes, dances, location specific activities, etc.)
  • Meals
  • Swag

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Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Nauvoo, where lodging is included, as you explore church history sites

View SessionAugust 14–17


Enjoy a concert with Nashville Tribute Band and listen to inspirational speakers including Hank Smith, Ganel-Lyn Condie, John Bytheway, and John Hilton

View SessionMay 29–June 1

Idaho Falls

Engage in uplifting classes along with a concert and participate in activities at Heise Hot Springs

View SessionAugust 14–17

Kansas City

Explore the rich tapestry of church history and enjoy Jeremy Guthrie’s captivating insights while also participating in an all-night temple experience and fireworks

View SessionMay 29–June 1


Experience enriching classes at the Colorado School of Mines, where housing is provided, complemented by various high adventure and exciting activities

View SessionMay 29–June 1

Check out what last year's experience was like below!

Think Celestial: A Guide to God's Plan of Salvation


Stake Presidents can request EFYSA in their area.

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